Gingerbread Homes for Animals

Gingerbread Homes for Animals is the legendary humane education event produced by Rational Animal, NYC’s non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness about NYC’s at-risk animals.
From 2003–2007, Rational Animal produced the event at the Chelsea Market with the support of the ASPCA,, The French Culinary Institute, HEART, and the Avian Welfare Coalition. Gingerbread Homes for Animals featured beautiful pastry creations such as Kitty Kastle by Chef Martin Howard, Brasserie 8 1/2, and Horse Haven by Chef Andrea Lekberg, Sweet Melissa Patisserie. (Photo by Rick Edwards, Rational Animal) This unique event, based upon animal themes expressed in traditional holiday gingerbread and sweets, draws people who love animals, pastry, and plenty of people who love both! Leading NYC pastry chefs participating at the last event included Martin Howard, Brasserie 8½; Victoria Love, The Water Club, Lauri Ditunno, Dianne Rossomando, The French Culinary Institute, Judiaann Woo, Raina Bien, and Danielle Wong.