Breaking News!!! Mothers Comfort Project To Launch in Sacramento, California!

On November 9, 2019 Rational Animal is proud to announce the beginning of our new sewing group in northern California.


We are excited to be able to bring our homemade beds and toys to local animal shelters in the area. For this first sewing event, all beds will be donated to the new Pet Program of the Hospitality House of Nevada County  helping homeless people and their pets with a little Mothers Comfort.


Please check our Facebook page for updates and evnt information.

Check Out our New Gift for Our Donors!

For donations of $20, we will send you this original gift.


“A Wiser Concept of Animals”

Letter Press Mini Poster Quote by Naturalist, Writer Henry Beston, The Outermost House

Letter press text is inked black with animal graphics printed in chocolate brown.

Quote originally selected by Harold Berliner, former District Attorney, Nevada County, CA and founder, Full Circle Press,  Nevada County, California. This 2019 Full Circle Press printing was created for charitable purposes in support of Rational Animal.

Harold Berliner might be best-known for writing the text of the Miranda warning in the late 1960s, words that are now recited nationwide to those arrested to inform them of their rights. Locally, he is remembered for serving as the Nevada County district attorney for 16 years and for his work on land-use issues. In his final days, Berliner expressed great satisfaction with his legal work in environmental and consumer protection.

Thank you Full Circle Press!



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We produce advocacy campaigns and community events to increase awareness and encourage support for animals in need.

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