We run lots of different campaigns and projects. We have our Orange Ribbon for Animals, which is all about promoting animal guardianship rather than animal ownership of companion animals. We produce high quality public service announcements, in both video and poster format. We also run successful projects, such as our Mother’s Comfort Project, which has made and provided thousands of beds for homeless animals at NYC AC&C shelters.

Mother’s Comfort Project

We have delivered more than 7,000 hand-made beds to shelter animals and want to sew and deliver thousands more! Our goal is to bring as many warm beds to animal shelters as possible. We need your support to keep this project going, so if you’d like to help, you can donate whatever you can.

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Prevent Dog Stealing PSA

Dog stealing is on the rise. Please help us spread the word to prevent theft of our furry friends

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Gimmie Shelter Project

Rational Animal is the ultimate do-it-yourself organization, coming up with new ideas to get people involved in helping animals. Since our inception in 2002 we’ve had that mental kinship with rockers who follow their art and passion.

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Public Service Announcements

Rational Animal, working for the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, has produced two series of public service announcements for TV broadcast. These professional quality spots brought humor to the serious issue of adoption and spay and neuter and included the participation of several celebrities who donated their time for animal voice-overs.

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Orange Ribbon for Animals

The Animal Guardian campaign is a part of the Orange Ribbon for Animals awareness campaign. Being an animal guardian and advocating for guardianship, not ownership, of companion animals is all part of this effort to change the common perspective of animals as property or unfeeling objects to revering animals as emotional creatures that need humans to protect them and in cases of household pets, be their guardian for their entire lives.

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Gingerbread Homes for Animals

Gingerbread Homes for Animals is the legendary humane education event produced by Rational Animal, NYC’s non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness about NYC’s at-risk animals.

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Trails to Tails

Trails to Tails is a series of beautifully illustrated, full-color, fold-out maps of New York City detailing the locations of Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals participating animal shelters and rescue organizations, providing essential information for those seeking to help homeless animals.  Learn more >>>

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